Will the Web Remain Open?

Will the Web Remain Open?

Net NeutralityGoogle and Verizon on Monday introduced a proposal on regulating the Internet. The proposal has been met with concern from open network groups.

The proposal has exceptions such as cellphone networks, and services that broadband providers may create. In their blog posts, the services that could be offered are health care monitoring, educations services, new
types of entertainment and gaming options.

This proposal is intending to lend some influence over regulators over the concept of Net Neutrality, ie, all
internet users should have equal access to all types of information online. Eric Schmidt, Google’s chief executive states that this principle is crucial for consumers and for fostering innovations. Verizon’s chief executive Ivan Seidenberg is concerned about stiffeling growth of wireless with the imposition of too many rules if wireless was included in the proposal.

However, many proponents of net neutrality feel that by excluding wireless and other online services, a loophole is being created, allowing the idea of openness to be circumvented in those instances.

Others argue that it will create and Internet for the Have and have nots, creating a situation of cost being unaffordable for consumers and new start up companies.

Many still express concern of all of the exceptions to bypass open-access regulations. An example would be an company opening up a service for video that didn’t run off the public Internet, and paid for faster connections to viewers. As these types of services grow, those companies will have less incentive to invest in Internet capacity, creating alternative networks like cable TV. This could end up pitting the interests of corporations to make money, against the consumer and small businesses to have free open access.
Stay tuned as this continues to develop.

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