Today’s Top 10 Hottest Jobs

Top 10 Hottest Jobs

Finding a job today is very challenging, but you can position yourself to be in the top 10 hottest job markets with some career planning.

Top 10 Hottest Jobs list

Top 10 Hottest Jobs
Top 10 Hottest Jobs

1) Nurse Practitioner. Expected 10 growth projection at 22% with a salary range of $52,980 to $79,020. With a shortage of primary care physicians, Nurse practitioners will shore up the need.

2) E-mail Marketer . Growth projection over the next 10 years of 28%, with a salary range of $43,820 and $84,430. Targeted email marketing is becoming one of the staples in internet marketing to grow their customer base.

3) Network Security Engineer, Anticipated growth of 30%, and salary range of $57.240 tp $97,660. Security of the network, your computer, classified documents has become a huge business.

4) Environmental Engineer, Growth projection of 31%, with a salary range of $61,500-$99,180. With the government pushing (at this point) the green agenda, this field will continue to grow. However, realize that the largest employer is state and local governments, and with the demand from the public to cut government, you should take this demand into consideration. Oil and Gas companies also employ environmental engineers.

5) Heavy and Tractor-trailer Truck drivers, 10yr job growth of 13%, with an average salary range of $30,270 to $46,920. Just need a commercial drivers license.

6) Physician Assistant, Job growth is 39%, but there are more active seekers, and the salary range is higher than that of the nurse practitioner, between $73,020 and $101,690. The PA, is a step up from the Nurse practitioner, but a step down from an actual doctor.

7) Social Media Manager – growth projection of 24%, and salary range of $38,960 and $71,820.
Keeping up with social media matters on facebook, twitter, linkedin and others can be a full time
task depending on how you structure your business marketing. This is growing as social media grows.

8) Financial Analyst, 20% growth expected over the nex 10 years, and a salary range of $56,310 to #99,230. Businesses will always need to crunch the numbers, analyze investment decisions.

9) Software Engineer – Mobile Applications. Hiring demand has more active seekers per available job, 34% gowth projection and a salary rand of $69,090 ato $109,210. Software app’s for those growing lists of smart phones and tablets, to keep businesses connected to their customers and provide information to generate more customers.

10) Home Health Aide – Highest number of seekers per every open position (1.74), salary range of $17,900 to $24,020, with a job growth of 48% projected over the next 10 years. As the baby boomers continue to mature, this is one area that will grow as more people continue to stay home, but need some assistance.

Find your niche, get yourself qualified, and go ge one of t those top 10 hottest jobs!

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