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Niche Reaper
Niche Reaper
Niche Reaper

SEO Products like IBP – there are many SEO products out there that will tell you that they guarantee getting ranked on the first page of Google.

Be wary of these claims. Why, because, unless the strategy and methods are exactly implemented, who could possibly guarantee it?

Google changes the methods on ranking at least once a year. They continually evaluate what consumers are looking for, then adapt their SEO requirements to fit that need.

Google + One – The New SEO requirement?

Case in point. Google +one. This new innovative service takes the concepts of Twitter and Facebook and combines them. The number of people that have joined up with Google +one, has grown faster that Facebook would have imagined.

Where does Google +One fit into SEO?

Google will ultimately prefer that you now have a Google +one button over that of Facebook on your page or post. With more people giving you a +one rating for that page or post, then it will be ranked higher. Your picture and the post will now show up on the first page of Google. This also creates a viral effect to all of those in your +one community.

SEO Tools – Recommended

For SEO tools, some of the best to help you determine your market, competition for various keyword and are the following:

Mico Niche Finder
Traffic Travis
Market Samuari
Niche Finder
Niche Reaper

Each one of these tools have alittle different spin on how they approach finding a niche, competition, related keyword, domain availability, ranking difficulty. There are differect costs associated with them. Some of them have monthly fees, while others are a one time payment. The one that is right for you, will depend on your understanding of niche research, and how much data you require. You may have other tools that identify some SEO areas, and need just a quick tool to get you the information. Each one of these tools is highly regarded in the SEO , internet marketing world.

Before you invest in any SEO tool, you must have an understanding of what SEO is, and what steps you must apply to improve your SEO score.

To learn more about SEO, go vist these sites:

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