Republican Debate – Was it a Show Down or a Set Up?

Republican Debate- Regan Library

Republican Debate – Perry vs Romney


Republican Debate- Regan Library

Republican debate -Eight Republican’s set the stage for the debate at the Reagan library. The tone was professional and direct from Rick Perry as he at times spared with Mitt Romney.

Perry and Romney both counter punched about job creation. But, Newt Gingrich said it straight, when he wasn’t going to play into the media’s hand of causing fights with one another.

The moderators seemed to have a liberal agenda as they questioned Perry on the Texas record of executions, and social security. Perry calling social security a “ponzi scheme”, and Romney saying just that it needs to be fixed. Perry agrees that it needs to be fixed, but the original concept and setup was initially flawed.

Republican Debate – Social Security a “Ponzi Scheme”?

Any clear thinking individual would agree that the concept is flawed, when you had 10 or more people supporting 1 person, and now were are a 3 paying in to 1 receiving, at a point in the future, it will collapse. Additionally, when someone has paid in lets say $100,000 into the program, but is receiving $200,000 in benefits, the fund will run dry, because their aren’t enough paying into the system, and the Feds raided it. We are at that point of insolvency for social security.

Ron Paul put forth the concept in Chili, when they came to the realization that their social security program was doomed to collapse. This system is individualized, and has now created a great program for its citizens. To not look at systems that are working is fool hearty to say the least, and politicians that don’t continue to stick their heads in the sand, leading the American people in the ditch yet again.

Perry said “Maybe it’s time to have some provocative language in this country.”  and I totally agree. If the people are not given a clear understanding of where we are because the politicians are painting a picture that everything is ok, then we will be doomed. The people will be blindsided with increase in taxes, continued declining equity values in homes, lack of job creation and a total collapse of the economy if an honest discussion doesn’t happen.

Republican Debate on Illegal Immigration

All candidates agreed on the illegal alien issue that the border must be secured, with boots on the ground, fences and electronic technology. Huntsman was strong in saying that immigration system is broken and needs to revamped. Gingrich concurred and further stated that after the border is secure, then we need to look at a guest worker program. Bachman suggested that looking at the system that was successful in the 1950’s for citizenship should be looked at as a model again.

Republican Debate – Monetary Policy

Regarding the Federal Reserve, Ginrich would fire Ben Bernanke, and Romney wouldn’t allow him to serve a longer term. Ginrich, was forcefull in stating that Bernanke’s policies have seriously damaged our country and that the Federal reserve should be audited.

All in all the republican debate was spirited, there was a lot of straight talk from all of the candidates. Will the media be fair and unbiased, like Fox News, in covering the results of this debate? That is questionable.  It will be interesting to see if president Obama can stand up and give a clear direction and plan tonight in his speech to Congress. Romney has given a comprehensive plan for job creation, but can the president do as well?

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