Nancy Ajram ? a Tribute to Glorious Celebrity

Nancy Ajram ? a Tribute to Glorious Celebrity

Nancy Ajram ? a Tribute to Glorious Celebrity

“noujoum al-mustakbal” or “the future stars” is the first entertainment show in which Nancy Ajram started her journey of to successful entertainment destiny. It is a Lebanese musical competition show which is shown in mid of 1990. After her appearance she decided to start her own private records. Her first two records “Mihtaglak”, which means “i need u” and “Sheel 3younak 3ani” were a failure but her 3rd album “ya salam” rocked the Arabian world and music in 2003.

Lebanese singers and especially female singers are included in the richest singers on this planet. Nancy Nabil Ajram or Nancy Agram is one of those singers with over thirty million records sold in the Arab world. She is ranked third best-selling female singer in Lebanese music history. Regarding her assets, they exceeded million by commercials, albums, public and semi-public concerts.

Nancy Ajram’s challenging Career

Video of her song from her album Ya salam which is known as “Akhasmak Ah” blew her career enormously and it is one of the famous song of Arab World and Arab Music. After this video she decide to do two more videos from the same album. Despite of all the criticism from Arabic World her both songs “Ya Salam” and “seher Oyouno” raised her to the peak of her popularity. ”ah wo Noss” is her fourth album which is released in year 2004 which is comprised in videos in 2005. After that she got an agreement with World famous Beverages Company Coca-Cola and her personal music was added in Coke’s commercials. Her popularity can be guessed by increased sales of Coke with the commercial.

Magazine “Rose of the middle East” crowned her the best Arabic Performer for year 2003-2004. According to Newsweek 2005 she is one of the most influential people of Middle East. “Enta Masri” is the song which is released in 2006 for African Cup of Nations which means “ You are Egyptian”. Later this song was used for title song for Egyptian Hosting of the Cup. In the song rather than her, Egyptian Soccer team appeared for the slogan and diversity of the Nation.

Latterly she is declared diva(it is derived from Italian and it means “goddess” and one of her song in 2006 is dedicated to Damas Jewellery which made her a permanent diva. This song is “Yatabtab wa dala3”. One of her song again owned by Coca-Cola and this song is “el Donia Helwa”.

“Shakhbat Shakhabit” is her album which is dedicated to kids all around the world. Although she made this album for kids but due to her amazing touch and personality it fits for all ages. This album is popular among all ages and all around the world. Nancy Ajram is currently working on a studio album which is expected to be released later on this year, the album would include her previous hit “2l Donia 7elwa”. For latest news, pictures and other stuff visit

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