Kim Jong Un would really hate for you to watch this, which is exactly why you should.



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At 9 years old, she saw her friend’s mother punished for a crime that in most countries is just a normal, everyday activity.

This is just one reason North Koreans live in fear for their lives.

Yeonmi’s own mother was forced to make a horrible compromise to protect her daughter.

*Trigger warning: Discussion of rape.*

And often, escaping into China isn’t even the safe haven it should be.

As Yeonmi points out, there are about 300,000 North Korean refugees in China who are vulnerable. 70% of North Korean women and teenage girls who have escaped into China are being victimized and trafficked, sometimes sold for as little as $200.

(FACT CHECK: These numbers seem to correlate roughly with this report by Human Rights Watch)

So what can people do to help put an end to this 7-decade-long human rights violation?

Here are Yeonmi’s requests:

  1. Educate yourself so that you can raise awareness about [the] human crisis in North Korea.”
  2. Help and support North Korean refugees who are trying to escape to freedom.
  3. “Petition on China’s repatriation [of North Korean citizens]. … We need governments all around the world to put pressure on China to stop repatriation.”

Just by watching this video, you’re already doing #1.


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