Justin Bieber – New Style Women’s Jeans?

Justin Bieber & womans jeans


Justin Bieber & womans jeans

Justin Bieber likes women’s Jeans. Is that cool, or just not liking mens clothing?

Apparently, Justin likes women’s jeans because they are comfortable. In speaking to Life & Styles magazine, he likes them because they fit. It’s not like a Lady Gaga thing.

Kanye West chose to where a womans sweater, not because he wanted a womans sweter, but because the sweater just happened to be a woman.

Apparaently, there are several stars that wearing womens clothing. Steven Tyler doned his daughter, Liz Tyler,  clothing, and Lenny Kravitz has been know to try out his daughter, Zoe Kravitz of “X-men: First Class”, clothing.

What to make of it..well nothing really, how many women dress in mens jeans because they fit, and many sweaters are unisex.

I say, whatever works!

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