HP Touchpad – The War Against the iPad

HP Touchpad

HP Touchpad – The War Against the iPad


HP Touchpad

HP Touchpad, reverses course. Shortly after HP declared that it was killing off their touchpad because they “couldn’t compete” against the Apple iPad, they have changed their mind.

HP slashed the prices of the HP touchpad over the weekend to get rid of inventory because they were going to move away from the consumer and focus their development efforts on the enterprise clients.

HP Touchpad Demand Grows as Prices Drop

Demand for the HP Touchpad, at their new low prices stunned them as the touchpad flew off the shelves.

At this point, they will continue the manufacturing of the 32 GB version and sell them at a loss. The cost for to produce the touchpad is over $300. It will be a few weeks before they will be available.

Touchpad- Pricing War to Begin

This could fuel a pricing war between all of the other touchpad competitors for the holiday season. Things could get hairy as Amazon will put it’s marketing might as it will offer its own tablet at a lower price than that of the Apple iPad. The end result could be a disappointing last quarter for all of the competitors of Apple, as they a fight for a small slice of the market share that Apple doesn’t already dominate.

Keep Your Eyes Open for the HP Touchpad Deals

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